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In Insurance News magazine this month 

What – or perhaps who – killed Catholic Church Insurance? The August/September issue of Insurance News magazine provides the background you need to understand why this venerable organisation needed recapitalising, which led to its owners placing it into runoff.  

There’s good and not so good news in our thorough examination of what’s driving premiums ever upward, and we also look at the reinsurance market’s June renewals, where there were some pleasant surprises compared with the bloodbath European and US insurers copped in the January renewals.  

In an edition full of interest for insurance professionals we provide some clarity for the Boomers on how to plan for and execute a successful business succession, and dig deep on the pains and perils of public liability. 

The New Zealand insurance market (which is dominated by Australian insurers) is still reeling from the twin impacts of a major flood and a cyclone, and Insurance News looks at the lessons learned. We’ve also talked about catastrophes with ICA’s Andrew Hall, profiled a leading WA-based national brokerage, and we join an industry leader who’s celebrating a big company event while showing us all what courage and determination is all about.  

It's all in the latest edition of Insurance News magazine, the industry’s leading publication that tells you the things you need to know and celebrates the things that make working in insurance so worthwhile. It’s being mailed out to subscribers and will be available online soon.