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Client demand driving new Kaplan courses 

Leading financial industry educator Kaplan Professional says client demand is driving the introduction of new and revamped insurance courses. 

Kaplan Professional CEO Brian Knight says the new and updated courses are the result of extensive consultation with the industry and contain information immediately able to be applied in the workplace. 

The online courses, which can be commenced at any time, include role playing and case studies which allow the participants to develop their all-important interpersonal skills. 

The courses align with the financial regulator and suit newcomers to the industry or people looking to consolidate their skills and knowledge. 

Key areas of focus include regulatory and compliance transformation, changing customer expectations and digital innovations. 

“We have designed the courses so that individuals learn in an engaging and innovative online environment, which contain a vast range of digital modules, resources and videos with practical learning outcomes that are immediately applicable in the workplace,” Mr Knight said. 

“The learning experience is also supported by live online tutor sessions, where individuals can engage with their subject matter expert and tutor in real time.” 

Kaplan Professional provides financial planning, real estate, mortgage broking, insurance and leadership education.