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Berkley expands online broker portal 

Berkley Insurance Australia has expanded its online broker platform, bindIT, to offer clients access to Public and Products Liability insurance options. 

Berkley says the platform will offer limits of up to $20 million for Public and Products Liability policies, with local underwriters available for support or handling referrals.  

BindIT acts as an automated portal for brokers, offering access to various policies and a “quick, transparent, and efficient” process to send online proposals to clients through its “Share a Link” feature.   

Berkley says the product’s new offering of Public and Products Liability policies marks a “significant milestone” for the firm as it continues to deliver for the needs of brokers.   

“Our mission is to continuously enhance our services and provide brokers with the tools they need to cater to a diverse range of industries and occupations,” CEO Tony Wheatley said.  

“With this expansion, we further strengthen our commitment to transforming our offerings and delivering on our service promise.”