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Are we ok? Wellness Survey results revealed

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions have left more than a quarter of insurance industry professionals so worried about their mental health that they have considered or sought out expert help.

Insurance News launched its inaugural Wellness Survey on R U OK? Day last month, asking readers a series of questions about how they’re coping in these challenging times.

Today, we’re sharing the key statistics, and you can read a full run-down of responses and comments in the upcoming Insurance News magazine.

Probably the most alarming finding is that 28% of respondents are seeking, or have considered seeking, expert or medical help due to mental health issues.

Almost half of all respondents are concerned about their mental health or wellbeing to some extent, about 60% have experienced isolation and anxiety, and 56% have felt stressed.

On the plus side, almost 76% of respondents says their company has demonstrated positive awareness about mental health during the pandemic, and 62% say support is made available and clear procedures are in place.

Despite the prevalence of mental health issues, more than 80% would like to retain some level of home working even after it is safe to return to the office.

The survey’s comments section was just as enlightening as the statistics, with readers keen to put their own unique perspective.

Some industry employees have thrived outside the office environment, while others cannot wait to return:

“I love it and prefer it to an office hands down.”

“It’s a horrible idea for two working parents and young kids. It simply doesn’t work.”

“Working remotely is neither desirable nor sustainable and culture will suffer in the long run.”

And brokers appear to have struggled without the ability to meet clients or underwriters in person:

“Some insurers are using the current working circumstances as an excuse for poor turnaround be it with claims or underwriting.”

“It has been extremely difficult to even contact insurers. They hide behind their automated quoting systems without picking up the phone.”

More than 820 readers responded to the survey, with 43% from NSW, 25% from Victoria and 16% from Queensland. Almost 40% of respondents were brokers, with 17% in underwriting.

More than three quarters of respondents were over the age of 40, with just 5% of responses coming from the under-30s.

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